What do Voting Keypads offer?


Onsite support



Headline features

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Add Power to PowerPoint

Our voting keypads technology is powered by Microsoft PowerPoint which allows for the seamless integration of audience participation.

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Voting keypads has the ability to develop quizzes with point scoring, demographics and teams. Quizzes can also be programmed to show leaderboards in various different formats.

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Voting Styles

Offer delegates several voting styles such as multi choice, ranking and comparison questions. Engage audiences throughout presentations whilst capturing insightful voting data that can be used in future.

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Benefits of using Voting Keypads

User friendly

Voting Keypads is a user friendly experience that any delegate can get involved with. When a voting question appears during a presentation the delegate has to press a number from 1-9 on the voting handset to register their vote.

Expert onsite support

Cube-i supply expert onsite technicians that will guide a client through the whole process of the event tech solution such as design, features, and the logistics of the event interactivity on the day(s).

Post event data

All data collected from Voting Keypads questions will be exported to the client for further reference. Data collected will include voting results and demographics if used.

Audience engagement

Voting Keypads is a great way to keep delegates engaged during presentations, whilst also giving the presenter opinions about a particular topic.

Frequently Asked Questions


Voting Keypads pricing can vary depending on many factors and we would advise for you to speak with a member our team to find a package that can satisfy your budget target. Cube-i will always try to be as flexible as possible.


Yes, due to the nature of how this event tech solution works an event technician is always required for these events. All Voting Keypad quotes will include costings for an event technician.


Cube-i will program the voting questions as requested by you. We will match the branding to any slideshow decks you have so that everything looks the same. On show day, or setup day, a cube-i audience response technician will set up the voting system with all the handsets required and run the questions throughout the day as required.


Cube-i advise that voting questions are supplied a week before an event. In most cases voting questions can be sent back for review withing 24 hours.


The audience response technician will be able to make minor changes to voting questions on the day of the event.


Voting Keypads does have the ability to offer Q&A however, we would advise that you use one of our other products for this feature. Please call us on 01604 419780 or contact us to let us help you find the best solution.

Pricing Structure


If you would like to know the potential costings for Voting Keypads on your event, please contact us on 01604 419780 to speak with a member of the team.

Alternatively, fill out the contact us form below and a member of the team will contact you at the nearest opportunity.

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If you would like a quote, a demo or even just to ask our advice please call us on 01604 419780, or use the form below to send us your enquiry and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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