Are you keeping your web stream audience engaged?

What can we do

The world has changed drastically over the past few weeks due to COVID-19 and the events industry has been hit particularly hard. We know that many of you are looking at web streaming as a viable option to talk to your audiences.

But how do you keep them engaged?

Cube-i’s online services allow you to increase audience engagement during your web stream by allowing them to ask questions, participate in votes and feedback. In addition, presentations can be uploaded to our apps to allow the audience to view them in advance. These can either be simple documents for them to read or pre-recorded videos for them to watch your presenter giving their presentation.

How we can help

If you are looking to run a webinar and would like to use interactive voting and Q&A, we can support you with this by providing you with one of our multiple mobile apps, as your webinar is running, one of our technicians will be watching your live stream and will push out the voting in real-time as well as manage your Q&A sessions.

The apps can be fully branded to your event and set up in less than an hour. Also, none of our apps include Facebook tracking, it doesn’t matter how difficult times get, privacy is still of utmost importance to your audience.

If you are looking to move your event or conference online and would like some more information, please get in touch and we can discuss how we can help you with your audience engagement. Even if you would just like to talk through your ideas, we are here to help you through these tough times in our industry.

For more information please call us on 01604 419780. Alternatively fill in the contact us form below:

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How to achieve event app ROI?

Being involved in event technology, one question that consistently arises from event organisers is “How do I measure event app ROI?”.

In truth, there is no set guidelines on how to measure an event apps success and if it was worth the investment. However, this article will offer an insight on how to determine event app success.

Engagement analytics

A great way to measure if an event app was worth the money is to take a look into the analytics pre-event and show days. Metrics to look out for are:

  • Adoption rates – 75% or more of the room logged into the app and participating is a very good target.

  • Page views – Another way to measure not only event app ROI but also how event content on the app was received by delegates.

  • Voting and Q&A data – Delegates participating in voting questions and asking presenters questions through the app is a great sign that an event app is achieving what is desired.

  • Feedback – Ask your delegates in a feedback form what they enjoyed about the event app technology. Nothing can really offer you a better ROI metric than your own audience.

Time to build

Event organisers are sometimes put off by event apps due to time consuming set up and organising of content. It only makes sense that an event app that has a fast and easy launch will offer a better event app ROI.

  • Lead time – Speak with event app providers in advance of your conference to discuss how long the process will take to set up.

  • Content & features – Discuss with your event app provider what content to display on the app and which engagement features that are required. If event app requirements are not finalised early in the event planning process it will affect adoption rates and lead to worse ROI.


Finally the grand old speech about how costs can affect event app ROI. Many event organisers struggle to see the value event apps can bring when they discover some of the costs involved. Whilst event apps offer great engagement to audiences it does often come at a price sometimes a hefty one.

  • Cost vs engagement data – Compare the values between the costs of the event app and analytics of engagement. If an event app is achieving 75% or more adoption rates with great participation on voting questions, then the cost of the app should seem a lot more reasonable. On the flip side if you’re paying a four-figure sum for an event app that is performing at less than 50% adoption and a poor uptake in engagement features then it might be time to look for a new event app provider.

  • Event app timeline – Measure the cost of an event app against the project from start to completion. Did the event app get setup with content and features in a suitable time? Was the event app difficult to use? Were the features you wanted available and working as required? Did the delegates enjoy the app on the show day? Did the event app provider offer access to post event data? These are the kind of questions that will help determine if an event app offered you return on investment.

Here are Cube-i we offer our clients a seamless event app experience with audience engagement features, a great app design with custom branding and a value for money pricing model. We aim to continue building lasting relationships with our clients that can help you achieve all your event technology requirements.

If you would like to find out more about Cube-i’s event app products please call us on 01604 419780 or email Alternatively fill in the contact us form below.

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Struggling to stay on time?

It’s a known fact within the events & conference industry that staying on time is a never-ending problem. Whether it’s a content heavy presentation or an extended panel session the agenda always seems to get behind schedule.

Here are 4 tips that can help with time keeping on show day:

  • Allow enough time – A fairly obvious tip but still important. The agenda should allow for enough time to finish the speakers content and discussing with them a suitable time for the presentation is the first step to achieving this.

  • 10-minute warnings – It’s not always easy to keep a presentation from running over and there’s many factors that can contribute to this happening. Giving speakers a discrete 10-minute warning can help them prioritise the most important content for the final part of their presentation.

  • Consequences – In an ideal world conference would run to the scheduled minute and everyone would be happy. Back in reality conference’s do over run and it’s difficult to prevent so there has to be consequences to this. Reducing Coffee or lunch breaks is an easy way to catch up by 10 or 20 minutes.

  • Time keeping devices – Another way of keeping on time is to use a time keeping device on the stage so speakers can be aware of how long is left in each session. Cube-I have just launched a new clocks system that functions on any device and across multiple breakout rooms if required.

If you would like to find out more about Cube-i’s new clocks system please call us on 01604 419780 or email Alternatively fill in the contact us form below.

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Website update & new products

Cube-i have launched a brand new website design update to give visitors more relevant information about each of our products & services

This website update has also included several new products/services that the events industry might not of been aware that we offer. We would advise all our website visitors to have a look around across the site to see what's different and new.

To give a bit of an overview into the new services on offer see below:

  • Photobomb Photobooth - Bring the fun factor to your events and capture special moments with our new photobooth product.
  • iWall - Our new twitter wall product for brand awareness and networking at events & conferences.
  • Resource Library - Save money on printing costs with a digital library of event content on large touchscreens.
  • Bespoke Solutions - An insight into our bespoke event tech solutuons and how we can help you.
  • Wifi Hire - Struggling with Wifi at your events venue? We can help with reliable equipment.
  • iPad Hire - Need to use iPads at your event? We've got you covered.

Contact us with the form at the bottom of this page if you have any questions, need a demo, or would like to enquire about one of our services.

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How Millennials are changing the events industry

Events & conferencing is a forever changing industry. It may always be expected to deliver content rich, insightful presentations whilst putting on an array of refreshments to keep delegates in tune. However, what impact is the Millennial generation having on the industry and how can event organisers keep up with their expectations of meetings?

Millennials have grown up in a world where digital media has been the main focal point of their lives. From ordering new clothes online, to sharing pictures or videos of their experiences on social media, it’s safe to say that content is expected to be delivered to them in deviceful ways. The same principal can be applied to how this generation expect content at a meeting or conference.


According to Brightcove’s study of over 4000 adults, the “2018 Video Marketing Survey” revealed that 85% of Millennials say they’ve purchased a product or service after watching a video.

It would be fair to suggest that an audience of this age group are far more likely to interact and engage with VT's at a corporate conference than more traditional formats of content. Offering video content throughout a conference is a fantastic way to teach, inspire and captivate a millennial audience.

Sharing of photos and stories is also another fundamental part of a majority of millennials lives and this has spread into the events industry. The demand for engaging visual content such as photo walls, social media feeds, share-worthy venues or event decorations is changing the way event organisers plan meetings.


Ever heard of the term Death by PowerPoint?

Like other generations, a millenial audience doesn't want to sit through long, boring presentations. They want to be involved in the subject and experience something new. Millennials have an unprecedented demand for time saving & that should not be ignored by the events industry.

Providing shorter insightful presentations that engage them through visual and interactive technologies should be considered throughout a conference agenda.

A presentation of 30 minutes including imagery and short video clips, combined with interactive voting and/or live Q&A is far more remarkable than listening to 40 word-heavy slides.


“This generation has grown up with computing in the palm of their hands. They are more socially and globally connected through mobile Internet devices than any prior generation. And they don't question; they just learn” says Brad D Smith, executive board chairman of Intuit.

Millennials live within their devices and they have come to expect the use of them during meetings & conferences too.

Event apps are very effective at delivering content and interactive engagement throughout a corporate meeting. Demand for easy access to event content can be achieved with a click of a button instead of printing hundreds of documents.

Event app features such as; workgroup sessions, live voting, word clouds, message walls are engaging ways to bring out creativity and ideas from a technology driven audience, whilst also supplying them with information that they need to learn during an event.

Event technology was thought of as a luxury to many organizations, but as this generation gets older and the next comes through the change to necessity is inevitable.

Cube-i have created a selection of event technology solutions that we believe offer greater event experiences to all generations, whilst also delivering that event ROI that businesses require.

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Announcing ISO 27001 Certification

Cube-i are excited to announce that Cube-i LTD has been awarded their ISO 27001:2017 certification.

ISO 27001:2017 is one of the most widely recognized and internationally accepted information security standards. It identifies requirements for a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS) and defines how organisations should manage and handle information in a secure manner, including appropriate security controls.

In order to achieve the certification, Cube-i’s compliance was validated by an independent audit from the British Assessment Bureau, demonstrating an ongoing and systematic approach to managing and protecting company and customer data.

Being an event technology solutions company with cloud based and localised platforms for blue chip companies, managing and handling data is something that we take seriously and work at every day. The security team at Cube-i LTD comes to work each day with the goal of improving security for the processes, people and technology powering our services.

While this is big news, the ISO 27001:2017 certification is just the first step of our security compliance roadmap. We’ve got a lot planned for the future.

If you would like to talk to us about how to create an event app that protects all your event data, our sales team will be more than willing to help. You can call them on +44 1604 419780.

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How safe is your event app data? 4 Questions you need to ask

This week saw a first for the events app sector, the Conservative Party Conference app was breached, not only were names, addresses and phone numbers made public, you just needed a publicly available MP email address to log in as them on the app, giving you the ability to update and change that person personal information and even photo. Not only was the data about senior members of the conservative party, but also high-ranking officials in the police and armed forces. Several of them have already received nuisance phone call, and for security reasons, many will now have to change their phone number.

If you haven’t read about the story you can see the full details here, it certainly makes an interesting read; Sky News / BBC News

The main question is; who is responsible? Is it the person who uploaded the data and set the permissions, or is it down to the app provider who allowed the app to run in this format with the permissions in these settings? We won’t know this for some time, and it will come down to a decision from the ICO. With the possibility of fines of up to £20 million or 4% of turnover, whichever is higher, is that a chance you are willing to take with your next event app?

One of the strong beliefs we have always had a Cube-i is that we take a hands-on approach to every event we run. We believe there are four questions that you should be asking yourselves about any event app you want to create.

What data are you planning on hosting in the app and what data are you trying to capture?

The security you need for your app comes from what you are storing. Don’t just concentrate on what data you want to share; also think about what data you are trying to collect. If you are running an event about how to create strategy and policies for taking the company forward, do you want that information available to the public or online?

Have you got permission to share the data that you have collected about your delegates?

If you want to share contact information for all the delegates, do you have permission to share all of that information? GDPR is very clear on this if you don’t have their permission you can’t share their data.

What happens if the data gets out into public hands or there is a full hack?

Depending upon what type of app you use, your data can be at risk. You have to ask yourself, what would happen in the worst-case scenario. Does that high-risk data need to be in the app? If it does then final question is the most important.

What app best suits the data you are hosting and how do you want to protect it?

There are two type of app available for an event, online, where all the information is stored in the world wide web and offline, where is it stored locally and only available at your event.

Our iPad system, iConnect has explicitly been created for storing all the information at your event via a local, private secure Wi-Fi network, the only way a hacker could obtain access to the system would be to be at the event which is a lot safer than an online app that could be accessed for anywhere in the world.

If you want to give your delegates access to the app information at all times, then you will need to store the app online, the question becomes how do you want to protect your app? In our Involved app, each event is protected by a 6 digital pin, meaning there are 19.7 billion possible codes, more than secure enough to stop someone guessing it, but that pin code is only as secure as the people you give it to. We don't allow personalised event codes as they are simply too easy to guess. We've come across numerous events where the event code is the same as the Twitter hashtag.

Our iConnect Personal app, which is a web app which can be customised to your needs. You can directly send the link out to your delegates and get them to download it, and you can add a password to the app to protect it should anyone find the link, we can even send the link directly to your delegates with a unique password for each person.

Whatever the data you would like to store and collect at your event, we will work with you to ensure that your data is protected. Since the introduction of GDPR in May, we have been astounded by how many conference app out there that aren’t compliant and even fail at the first hurdle of having a tick box for compliance at login.

Cube-i are entirely GDPR compliant, all the data that we store is in an encrypted format and pseudonymized to ensure that even if there were a breach of the database, the data would still be safe.

If you would like to talk to us about how to create an event app that protects all your event data, our sales team will be more than willing to help. You can call them on +44 1604 419780.

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iConnect Personal

With mobile phones getting smarter and more powerful by the day, it makes perfect sense to make use of the technology your delegates already own. Working with J&J and RogenSI at St Pancras Hotel in London where we not only allowed delegates to install our new BYOD web app, we also incorporated into Guidebook which J&J were already using for the event. By incorporating our app within there it kept the process of swapping between the two apps exceedingly simple to use.

At any time delegates could open the application and submit a question which came through to a facilitator's iPads in real time and through a simple interface allowed them to perpare for the Q&A session.

A series of leadership workshop questions were asked of the audience to help shape the business and as the feedback came in, we were able to post responses to the main screen in real time.

Our BYOD system works on all iPhones, Android and Windows devices.

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Silent Auction for Annie Mawson's Sunbeams Music Trust

Annie Mawson had a hugely successful event at The House of Lords on Wednesday evening, with Lord Archer hosting the event and running the main auction. The silent auction was a huge success and managed to help them raise almost double compared to their 2013 silent auction.

Sunbeams was founded by Cumbrian born Harpist and singer Annie Mawson in 1992 to improve the health and wellbeing of people with special needs through the creative power of music.

The Charity provides therapeutic Music For Life® and Music for Dignity® music sessions in over 40 project venues, to 1,400 disabled and disadvantaged people every month.

Visit the Sunbeam's website if you would like more information about the charity.

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