A digital platform for all the stages of your events journey from Cube-i

Does your pre-event registration system work with your other systems?

Looking for an onsite, online check-in system?

Need an event app that can do virtual, hybrid and in-person simultaneously?

Live & in person



The events platform for all three scenarios

Whether you are hosting a live, in-person event at a venue, hosting a virtual event for attendees all over the world, or you are catering for both audiences, Involved can handle it all and our technical teams will handle all the stress to ensure a smooth experience.

Fully brandable to make it feel like your platform and not just a basic app with a logo in the corner.



Select the parts of the journey you would like us provide support for and we will adapt the platform to your event’s needs

Phase One:



A fully branded registration page

You provide us with the information that you would like to capture and your branding and our team will build your event's registration form.

You can ask a mixture of text based and multi choice questions and once complete a branded email can be sent to the attendee confirming their registration and a calendar link can be included.

A link can be embedded in the email to allow them to edit their registration details if required.

Phase One:



A fully branded registration page

  • Collect the data you need during registration
  • Question types include:
    • Text response questions
    • Multi choice with single or multiple options can be selected
    • Multi choice with other which when select captures what you mean by other
    • Conditional questions, if you ask a questions subsequent questions can be shown based on the response to that question
  • Branded confirmation email is sent to the user upon submission, this can include a calendar invite to remind them when and where the event is taking place
  • Ability to block or allow a user to access the platform / event
  • Client backend to download current delegate list at anytime

Phase Two:


Pre-event information

Full brandable and mobile responsive application

The Involved events platform is the built off the back of 25 years' worth of conference experience.

It can be opened and made available over a time scale that suits you or your client. In addition to agenda, speaker bios and a whole host of interactive tools, the platform also features a CMS to allow us to host all the additional pages you require to share with you attendees.

For hybrid or virtual events, live streams can be embedded into the platform or simply made available on-demand.

The platform can also be purely used as a pocket guide booklet for incentive events showing attendees all the key information about their trip.

Phase Two:


Pre-event information

The Involved platform can be used as a pre-event guidebook

By making the Involved platform available in advance of your event you can use it to share content and details of the event with the attendees. Some of the advantages of have a pre-event app are:

  • Information can be drip feed to the attendees as you get closer to your live show, keeping them inform and looking forward to the event
  • Workshops sessions and breakouts can be selected in advance
  • Questions from the delegates can be asked in advance allowing you to plan responses before the event takes place
  • For internal events where attendees need to be brief, a resource hub can be included on the platform and usage can be tracked allowing you to see who has and hasn’t engaged with the pre-read material
  • Can be used as a guide for incentive trips to save on paper work that a attendee needs to take with them on the trip

Phase Three:



A fully branded check-in app

Our check-in app runs on mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Each user can see a list of all the attendees, finding them is a simple case of search for their name, scroll to them in the alphabetical list, or scanning a QR code that can be made available in the confirmation registration email or in the Involved events platform.

All devices stay in-sync with each other so everyone can see how many attendees are yet to arrive.

We also have a VIP notification system so when VIP clients arrive, a SMS notification can be sent to the person looking after them.

Phase Three:



Take photos during check-in to create a live ‘Photowall’

  • During the check-in process, you have the ability to add or check the information you have on each delegate
  • At the same time, you can take a photo of them which is automatically added to a ‘Photowall’
  • A branded screen can be shown scrolling through all the delegates faces, the system is flexible, so you only need to show the information you are happy to share
  • Alternatively, you can capture additional information, like a short one-line comment from the attendee which can be shown next to their photo
  • A remote feed for the ‘Photowall’ is provided via a private internet link so can be streamed remoted if needed

Phase Four:

Involved Events

The live platform

Live streams for virtual viewers / mobile app for in-person attendees

Involved has been designed to allow the streams to be embedded directly into the platform for virtual viewers so that the page splits with the stream on the left and the platform on the right. This allows attendees full access to every page on your events platform.

In-person attendees run the platform on their mobile devices and have access to all the content.

As all parts of the platform run for all users, in-person and remote users can get involved in polling, Q&A, messaging and video chat.

Phase Four:

Involved Events


Get the attendees Involved via Polling

What better way to keep you audience involved in your event by engaging with them through polling.

We have multiple polling question types at your disposal:

  • Multi choice with single or multiple selections
  • Multi choice where the last option is ‘other’ and we allow the attendee to input what they mean by ‘other’
  • Ranking questions, where the attendees order a list with the most important at the top
  • Dynamic live and growing word clouds
  • Comparison questions, where you can repeat a question to see if the audience opinion has been swayed, very useful for debates

Phase Four:

Involved Events


Get the attendees Involved via Q&A

  • We provide you with a remote moderator and presenter link
  • The presenter can only see questions approved by the moderator
  • The moderator approves questions for the presenter with a thumbs up and thumbs down icon
  • The moderator can also control which questions are shared back on the platform, alternatively, asked questions can be hidden from the platform
  • By sharing questions with the platform, delegates have the option to like a question which helps show ‘hot topics’
  • The presenter can also submit answers to questions on the platform, for example if somebody asks, “Can we get a copy of the presentation?” a moderator can respond without the need for the presenter to have to answer it during Q&A
  • Both the moderator and presenter pages also show a live preview of the polling while a question if live

Phase Four:

Involved Events

Personalised Agendas

We can ensure attendees only see the agenda session they are attending

All our agendas are timezone aware, so the timing are correct where ever you are in the world when you look at the agenda.

Some events are more complicated that others and we want to make sure the attendees know exactly where they need to go and what they need to see.

We can personalised their agenda to ensure they only see the correct days or sessions.

  • Attendees can be pre-assigned and will only see the session they are attending on their agenda
  • Breakouts can be selectable so an attendee can select which session they want to attend. We can also add a limit on a presentation to ensure it doesn’t contain too many people or other sessions aren’t too empty
  • For selectable breakouts we also have the ability to either lock their selection in or allow them to jump into another breakout
  • Breakouts can also contain their own polling that only those attendees with be able to interact with

Phase Four:

Involved Events


Breakouts involve your attendees

Breakouts on the platform can also be hosted virtually

  • You can embed a Zoom link into the platform which allows delegates to view and talk to one another, the room limit is controlled by your Zoom licence
  • You can use our own video chat rooms, which host upto 100 attendees but are at a higher video and sound quality than the web version of Zoom and include a background replacement option
  • If it is a one way presentation where you just want the audience to listen you can stream directly to them
  • Alternatively, if you want to use an external video chat solution like Teams, we can embed links into the platform to attendees can join them
  • Whiteboard and text chat rooms can be added to a breakout to make them more interactive

Phase Four:

Involved Events


We can ensure attendees only see the agenda session they are attending

Virtual events have made networking hard and hybrid events make it even harder for online attendees to feel involved at your event.

We have a selection of tools that work to bring online people together whether they are in-person at the event or on another continent.

  • Global chat allows attendees to post a message that is viewable by everybody at the event, we also allow to photos to be posted
  • Private chat allows attendees to send private messages to other attendees, in addition, we also allow groups to be created so everybody in your group can see your message
  • In addition, with private chat, once both parties have spoken to each other we allow them to start a video chat between the two
  • We also offer video chat tables that can be used to replicate the coffee break experience for virtual attendees, many clients theme these tables and add a host to help encourage the conversation

Phase Four:

Involved Events

Sponsors & exhibitions

Giving sponsors and exhibition stands a place to get involved

Exhibition stands are be virtually created and themed on the platform.

  • Once a template for a stand has been built, it can be branded for the exhibitor / sponsor. Content like downloadable PDFs and videos can easily be added
  • The pages are responsive, so they work on both mobile and laptops devices
  • Video chat rooms / Zoom meetings / Virtual Queues and 1-2-1 meeting books can be added to the stands to make them more interactive
  • Every delegate who goes to on of the stands is tracked together with a list of the content that they engage with and is presented in a report at the end of the event

Phase Four:

Involved Events

Single page app for streaming

Just want to stream content and let the audience engage?

  • Our single page streaming solution is exactly what you are looking for
  • A fully brandable single page that allows graphics to set over the corners of the video if you require to make it a little less “Zoom like”
  • Emoji’s are shared so if one person press the like emoji, it floats across the screen for everyone else who is watching, making the audience feel like the aren’t alone
  • Our global chat system is embedded to allow people to comment
  • An Ask A Question buttons allow viewers to be able to submit their questions in for panel / Q&A sessions
  • Polling and feedback questions can be pushed out at the required times

Phase Five:

On demand, feedback

and reports

Just because the event is over doesn't mean the work is done

On demand is the perfect way to allow people who couldn't attend your event still be able to experience it.

The best way to find out how your event ran is to ask the audience. With Involved extensive feedback tools, feedback can be collected in different ways. At the end of each session, or at the end of the day or event. Feedback forms can even be made available post event.

Involved's extensive set of reports, allows you to see exactly what pages were visited, who watched the streams, who asked the questions and a whole lot more.

Additional services:

Video streaming

and vMix

Are you looking for hosting a video stream with a little more pizzazz than Zoom or Teams?

Our vMix system allows you to create TV production quality video streams, with picture in picture effects you can have your speaker and slides on a branded background.

Multiple speakers can be shown on the screen at the same time and our technicians can ensure we cut between the speakers just as you would during a live TV interview.

We can take these streams and send them out either as a viewable only stream, or we can embed the stream into a Zoom call so that you audience can engage with your live panel and speakers.

Additional Services:


voting keypads

For interactive events where you don’t want an app

Sometimes, you aren’t allowed to capture any client details or you know your audience won’t want to install and app, but you still want to engage with them, then interactive keypads are the perfect solution.

To respond to a poll, attendees just need to pick up a keypad and press a button, so there no need for any registration or log in system.

The polls are embedded into your PowerPoint presentation and have the following features

  • Multi choice questions
  • Ability to text in questions
  • Quizzes and team quizzes with scoreboards
  • Demographic breakdowns (ie Doctors, Nurses, Consultants)
  • Detailed post show reports

Additional Services:



If you need an interactive screen, we have an interactive solution

Here are just a few of the interactive systems we have built to help solve our clients needs:

  • Live scoreboard
  • Live feedback showing instant results on a second screen
  • Giant tablet resource library
  • Interactive content app while attendees are waiting to play a game
  • Data capture and quiz for exhibition stands
  • Bespoke judges score card iPad solution feeding to a live scoreboard
  • Multi-language feedback forms
  • Silent auctions system

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